What is the procedure for registration?

Please bring along your Identity Card for registration. You will be required to provide your details at the counter. Your datas are protected under PDPA 2010.

If I am a foreign national, is there any separate registration formality?

Please provide us with a valid passport during registration.

Is my spouse allowed in the Labour Room / Operation Theatre?

Yes, as a matter of fact, your spouse is encouraged to be with you throughout your labour.

How soon can I start paying for deposit?

In order to enjoy our delivery package, you will need to pay in full upon admission. You can start paying deposit anytime when you come for your antenatal check ups as early as 6 months pregnancy. For non-package services, our cashiers will advise you the estimated bill and request that you pay at least 80% of the total upon admission. Please be informed that staffs are not allowed to admit a patient without deposit payment.

Do I need to book for a room in advance?

We have ample number of rooms for our patients. However, the type of room you want is subject to availability on your admission date, thus you may be admitted temporarily to an immediate available room. You will be transferred to the room of your choice once it is available.

Will I be charged extra if I gave birth on a public holiday?

The last thing that you should be worrying about is the time and day that your special one chose to meet you. Rest assured that our charges are the same throughout the year, 24-7, 365 days a year.

What do I need to bring if I have company/insurance coverage?

We accept Guarantee Letters (GL) from insurance companies as well as private companies. However, you are strongly advised to bring your GL before your date of admission as our Credit Department will need some time to run a check on the GL with your Insurance / Company before you are allowed admission without a deposit. You can check our website for an updated list of insurance/companies that have appointed us in their list of panels.

I did my antenatal check up in another clinic. Can I deliver at RPMC?

Patients are advised to see our doctors at least 2 times before their deliveries. However, we do accept full term patients with referrals, provided you bring along with you your ante-natal records.

What is the procedure for a refund?

Any amount in excess of your actual bill will be refunded to you in cash. However, credit card charges apply for request for refund of deposit paid by credit card (should patient decide to deliver elsewhere).

What is the mode of payment?

You can opt to pay by cash, credit or debit cards and via Guarantee Letter.

How are charges for day care determined?

Day care patients will be placed in Open Ward and will be charged RM180, inclusive of nursing charges. You will be charged a full day charge if staying overnight.

Do you offer discounts to senior citizens?

Our standard charges apply to all.

During emergency situations, if a GL is not immediately available, will you still provide medical attention?

It is our policy to extend immediate treatment to emergency cases. Deposit is required, however, depending on the situation, the management can decide otherwise. Staff will need to get management’s authorisation.

Are paediatric experts available 24-hours a day?

Our paediatricians are available during clinic hours and on-call around the clock.

Can I bring items from home to my room?

We provide the basics during your stay in the ward. You will find a bath towel and other bath accessories in your admission kit. You can bring your own items for your comfort.

What is the schedule for meals like for patients?

We provide standard daily meals starting from breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

What is the procedure for discharge?

Our doctors will advise the nurses when patients are allowed to be discharged. Please take note that your bills might take up to 2 hours to prepare. Patients are usually discharged after lunch. Please inform the nurses in advance if you need to be discharged early.

How do I get a discharge summary?

Our doctors will prepare discharge summaries for all patients admitted to our hospital upon discharge.

What are the visiting hours?

We do not restrict patients’ visiting hours. However, we urge visitors to be mindful of the patients’ need to rest.

Can my family member stay overnight with me in the ward?

Family members are allowed to stay overnight. Please take note that we do not provide extra mattress or pillows.

For open ward, only patients are allowed to be in the room after 10pm.

Are children allowed to visit the patient?

Yes, children are most welcome to visit provided they do not disturb the patients too much.

How do I make an appointment?

Our front office will be happy to schedule appointments for you, please contact them at +603-4131 2039

Or you can complete our Appointment Request Form at our website’s homepage and we will be in touch. (www.rampaiputeri.com)

What should I do if I have to cancel an appointment?

Please advise us in advance if you are not able to meet your appointment so that we could slot in other waiting patients.

Do you have any health check-up packages?

Yes, please check our website for more info.

Can I get vaccinated here?

Vaccinations are available at RPMC. Please call in advance for appointments.

Does RPMC have 24-hour emergency care?

Our Accident and Emergency unit is open 24 hours.

Do you provide circumcision services for babies and children?

Yes. We do provide circumcision services for babies and children.

Do you have an ambulance service?

We would be able to arrange for ambulance service to transfer patients out should the need arises. However, no ambulance service is available to transfer patients from home to the hospital.

Do you organise classes for new parents?

We offer our patients antenatal classes at a minimal charge. Please check our Facebook for available classes.

Do you offer personalised birth plan for expectant mothers?

You can discuss your birthing plans with our doctors during your antenatal checkups. We will try to accommodate to your plan as long as the safety of both you and your baby is not compromised.