About Us

Your Well-being Matters to Us.

Rampai Puteri Medical Centre (RPMC) is one of the very few boutique hospitals with an all-women medical team. We were established in February 2016, formerly known as Tunku Azizah Women & Children Hospital (TAWCH).
To date, our people driven medical facility has welcomed more than 3000 babies and touched the lives of thousands of women and their loved ones. Our goal is to help you savor a meaningful experience while under the care of our expert medical team.

You matter to us.
This website will show you around our hospital and introduce you to our team and services.

Why Choose Rampai Puteri?

  • Our affordable delivery packages have NO hidden charges for services that you don’t need.
  • The Neonatal Nursery is well-equipped for monitoring of babies’ well-being.
  • Our competent team of nurses forms a solid support for patient care and clinical work.
  • We are upgrading and expanding our services for a complete medical care and support for your well-being. Projected date of completion in late 2018.
  • Looking for more information on Rampai Puteri mission and organisational operations? Visit our FAQ page.

Rampai Puteri is a boutique hospital with a professional team made up of a healthy mix of experienced staff, all of whom are equally committed to providing the best care possible.

Our Vision

Rampai Puteri Medical Centre (RPMC) will be an innovative and progressive leader in women and paediatric health and wellness through our incomparable quality clinical care, relentless spirit of improving our services and compassion for women and their families.

Our Mission

We take exceptional care of women and children by providing, comprehensive and affordable healthcare and wellness services to our patients. With that, lives enhanced and health preserved.

Contact Rampai Puteri Medical Centre +603-4131 2039